Train the Mentor

Invest in YOU to invest in others

Our Train the Mentor accredited programme offers YOU the opportunity to become a qualified mentor within your local community and in the workplace. This qualification will provide you with the necessary tools, quality resources and support to confidently deliver this valuable discipline, whilst also offering opportunities for professional development.

Many professional support or mentoring positions are often allocated without individuals undertaking or having access to the relevant training. Embrace U Consultancy firmly believes that everyone in a position of support in any capacity should have the appropriate training and qualifications to do so confidently and effectively. As we believe, Inspired people, inspire people.

The Train the Mentor qualification is not only for those beginning their mentoring journey, but for experienced mentors who are seeking to refresh and extend their knowledge and skills in offering positive inspiration to those around them.

Becoming a mentor to others is a commendable and rewarding commitment that will allow you to form new relationships with others and be that positive and inspirational role model often missing in people’s lives.

We become “Mentors by name, Mentors by nature

Gain an AIM Qualification Level 2 Extended Certificate qualification as YOU learn new or refresh your current knowledge and skills.

Give yourself the tools to mentor more efficiently and compassionately, becoming that “role model” to bring positive change to others.

Investing in YOU creates the opportunity to “give back” to your community, workplace or school.

Your growth foundations

Award Winning Mentor and Qualified tutor

Skills essential for corporate and community situations

Flexible learning

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