Personal Growth

Invest in your future to live YOUR best life

Embrace U Consultancy utilises group interactions to promote investment in YOUR personal growth. Building empowerment as YOU develop the confidence and the motivation to achieve success at home, work or in life regardless of barriers.

We offer development opportunities in:

  • Confidence Building
  • Effective Communication
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Setting achievable goals/outcomes
  • Regaining Focus and Vision
  • Acknowledging and owning achievements and strengths
  • Assessing areas for development

With years of professional practice, our aim is to provide our person-centric support to develop pathways for your own personal and professional success. You will have the space to review YOUR dreams and aspirations as barriers and solutions are recognised, acknowledging the best of YOU and your achievements.

Embrace U Consultancy has seen numerous successful clients find a new level of confidence by changing their jobs, positively dealing with conflict situations, speaking openly in groups, volunteering, acknowledging their skills and abilities, joining new social groups and gaining a better understanding of things that have hindered their social mobility in the past.

Do you want to join our successful clients by achieving and finding you OWN new level of confidence?

Learn how to identify, assess and overcome obstacles and develop new pathways to success, by “digging deep”.

Developing that sense of empowerment to be productive in life.

Apply your newfound skills and knowledge effectively to achieve YOUR dreams and aspirations.

Your growth foundations

Flexible 1-2-1 learning available upon request

Essential support for your personal growth

Stimulating interactive

What our clients say

 “I am happy because I know I am improving my English communication skills”


 “I feel motivated and uplifted”


 “Mel was very good she taught me a lot I feel more confident in moving forward”


“Very happy, very productive lesson/session. Feel happy and lucky to have a good trainer”


“Melanie is very supportive and approachable, she is happy to help with your personal development. Highly recommended!”


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Opening Times

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