Signpost Support

Supporting YOU to navigate complex pathways


  • Struggle to attend appointments on time and on your own?

  • Need to make a court appearance?

  • Need to attend a job interview?

  • Want to start going to the gym?

If the answer is YES, we can support you!

If you don’t know…how can you do!

Our personalised 1-2-1 Signpost Support works to increase YOUR confidence and motivation needed to engage with external companies and agencies. EUC is bridging the “gap” often found when people do not know where to go or how to find what information is available to them, when faced with stressful circumstances.

With years of professional experience, Embrace U Consultancy empowers and guides YOU to take ownership and pride in finding your own solutions and answers to engage effectively. Being in charge of your own decision making, offers YOU the chance to positively improve your health, wellbeing and social mobility.

Together we can:

  • attend appointments 
  • make phone calls
  • authorise advocacy support
  • complete any written communication
  • source Information, Advice and Guidance 

Giving YOU the knowledge and self-esteem to visit your local library, make that court appearance, visit the Job Centre, join the local gym… and much more.

Take pride in your ability to overcome personal and professional barriers.

Learn to be in control of your decision making and problem solving.

Develop communication skills for positive interactions.

Embrace U Consultancy

Your growth foundations

Personalised 1-2-1 sessions

Committed and professional support

Pathways to self-empowerment

Embrace U Consultancy

What our clients say

“I feel more confident and more knowledgeable on how to receive/make phone calls”


More confident with people I don’t know.”


“I am less nervous about applying for a new job”


“I recently spoke to Melanie Waldron of Embrace U Consultancy. She is an excellent consultant and was able to guide me in how to grow my Financial Education business. Melanie pointed out some ways of networking and how this has benefitted her. She also made some great suggestions regarding how to market my business and the courses that were available to support this. I highly recommend Melanie. Her advice was thorough, and I am really pleased that I was able to speak with her. Thanks again Melanie!”

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