Empowering YOUR Aspirations

Embrace U Consultancy

Embrace U Consultancy is a UK registered learning provider and accredited on DWP Direct Purchasing system. Passionate about empowering, motivating and supporting young people and adults. As private clients or in the public and private sectors, our aim is for our clients to achieve their full potential regardless of any barriers. Quality support solutions that will help to kick start their journey towards self development in personal, social and professional arenas. A concept that will embrace peoples individuality and support them with compassion and professionalism throughout their journey towards empowerment. 

Our quality Empowering Support Solutions is  “person-centric” focused allowing everyone the freedom to fly….an opportunity to rediscover who they are, what they want in life, and how to move closer to achieving it. Personal Growth, Employability Management and Modern Mentoring programmes will deliver exciting and interactive possibilities.  Developing confidence, motivation and awareness as they interact in groups or 1-2-1 sessions to improve their mindsets, develop new life / work skills, deal with conflict effectively, developing effective communication skills, and understanding employability.

Embrace U Consultancy aims to leave a legacy of empowerment, concentrated towards those who wish to develop their individual personal growth with freedom and without judgement or prejudice.  

” Thank you…for a great learning experience and giving me the courage to believe in myself and know my job prospects”

“Feel more assured about my career path”

Building YOUR Growth Foundations

Aspire To Inspire

Reaching for the stars is made easier through our engaging group sessions. Empowering you to break down barriers and embrace who YOU are.

Find Your Way

We can aid in removing complex 'barriers to success' with supportive guidance and advice strategies to put the 'power' back in YOUR hands.

And Relax

Work with us to grow and find YOUR peace & calm. Develop a RELAXED and GROWTH mindset from our supportive and empowering specialists.

Inspiring YOU to grow