"If YOU don't know, how can YOU do?"

Modern Mentoring

Embrace U Consultancy provides empowering 1-2-1 mentoring.

We support mentees, like you, in a nurturing and empowering environment to create an inspirational experience where YOU feel empowered, motivated & encouraged to regain focus and control of YOUR aspirations.

The Modern Mentoring concept encapsulates fluidity, collaboration, flexibility and diversity.


Using technology alongside traditional methods for positive and fun interaction, our Empowering Support Solutions (ESS) offer a number of exciting and quality training opportunities in Personal Growth, Employability Management as well as 'Train the Mentor' workshops and programmes.

ESS provides the opportunity for YOU to assess, acknowledge and own YOUR skills, qualities and achievements as YOU set personal goals and action plans.

'Achievable Outcomes' can be met by realising and maximising YOUR potential as YOU move forward in both personal and work arenas.

Signpost Support

Supporting YOU on a 1-2-1 basis, we can help navigate the often complex pathways of engaging with external organisations.

If you feel you have lack of knowledge, confidence and motivation, YOU will benefit from Embrace U Consultancy's support and encouragement to take responsibility for interacting with companies and agencies.

This proactive approach improves confidence, motivation and communication skills, and provides YOU with a sense of ownership and pride as YOU participate in YOUR problem solving.

Freedom to achieve YOUR aspirations